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EE - Creative Entrepreneur & Creator of Art Alchemy®

I was never one to follow the traditional path. Born and raised in Stockton, California, I embarked myself on a global journey alone, and I eventually found myself back home to launch my heart as a creative entrepreneur.

I’m a visual artist, yogi, creator of Art Alchemy®, world traveler who hosts global adventures for women, and I support a variety of clients in marketing and public relations. With a degree in Journalism from Arizona State, and facing my own fear of marketing my brand and art, I’ve also helped others reconnect with themselves in taking the leap of exposing their gifts out to the world.

My expression of color is bright, bold, and abstract, giving viewers the opportunity to receive what their heart sees. My main focus is acrylic painting, using a large variety of colors and textures, and Earth elements. Through creative expression, we all have a gift, and I’m passionate about helping you share more of your true self.


Work, Travels, and Adventures

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