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“Wild Awakening”
JUNE 15 – 25, 2019

This isn’t your typical retreat. I don’t even want to call it that. It’s more like a “walkabout” what the natives call, a right to passage into your heart, an expansiveness into a new perspective, through joy and adventure. Your expedition is created in five pillars of integration…

Erin is the founder of Art Alchemy®, a creative practice to get out of your head and into your heart through abstract painting. Everyone is different, and you deserve the space to be so. Erin will teach you new techniques, using elements from the earth you would never imagine painting with. Art is everywhere. Be inspired and see what your heart creates! You may be surprised what you discover.

Erin is a certified hatha yoga teacher with ten years of experience, teaching yoga all over the world, from Morocco, Colombia, to Thailand. She will also incorporate free movement, meditation, and some tribal dance moves to get your heart fired up.

We are very lucky to partner with Dorobo Safaris, who has decades of experience in Tanzania, and will be showing us the most breath-taking landscapes in the country…and all the animals. They will be taking care of us as our guides, our chefs, our protectors in the wild, along with the tribes. They are our brothers in this adventure.

You will spend the day at Olasiti Orphan Center, paint with the kids, and learn about all the good work this organization is doing to make a difference. You will be able to hand deliver your art donations, and get a tour of the center from one of our guides, Shelly Wolfe, who started the center over 13 years ago.

Get ready for the real deal cultural immersion with the Maasai and Hadza tribes. Get to know their daily life, their rituals, their art, their culture. You will learn an incredible amount of wisdom from their traditions. You will also learn a lot about yourself too.