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Art Alchemy®

Creative Revolution...

“Get out of your head and into your heart…”

EE is the founder of Art Alchemy® …an art class she designed by accident on a hot summer day in a friend’s backyard.

Abstract painting was Erin’s way of expressing herself on a deeper level she couldn’t put into words, and when helping a friend grieve her husband who suddenly passed away, painting helped her too. Soon after that afternoon, Erin started teaching her classes once a month. Now over a year later, she’s lead over 30 classes, including Stockton Police Department, at-risk youth gang members, team-building seminars for corporations, and hosts women-only retreats throughout Northern California, and soon globally. Erin’s passion is guiding creativity to ignite the spirit, to overcome, to explore, to heal, and to have fun at the same time. Her use of painting with random materials, including ocean water, creates a unique painting experience like no other. She calls it “Creative Revolution.” See you in class! xo

AFRICA 2019!

“Wild Awakening”
June 15 – 25, 2019

Join visual artist Erin Elizabeth and your guides on a life-changing safari to explore the incredible landscapes of Tanzania through creative expression, yoga, service, tribal immersion, and sisterhood. This women-only retreat is an opportunity to awaken the spirit of adventurous beauty through art, to feel life as raw and pure, and to give your heart a wild journey of transformation.


Express yourself through abstract painting…

Everyone is different. We all have a gift. Art Alchemy gives you the freedom to let it out.
Alchemy is described as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” Abstract painting is the medium to help you create, transform, have fun, and learn more about yourself. This isn’t your typical paint and sip art class. Erin will guide and teach abstract painting techniques to help you create your own masterpiece to take home.

Whether you want to learn more about painting, or just go for it on the canvas, Art Alchemy gives you the space to explore, to break free and go outside the lines.

CLASSES: revolutionize your truth…

Erin Elizabeth brings the Art Alchemy experience to various locations in Northern California.

– No experience necessary…just bring YOU
– All painting materials included
– Demonstration and hands-on guidance
– Option for LIVE Peruvian drumming
– Please note, all sales final

Next class this SPRING. More info soon!

ART ALCHEMY for Police Officers

We are more connected than we think, and we’re not alone in how we feel.

I am honored to lead Stockton Police Department in the Art Alchemy experience. I have the utmost respect for our officers as I can’t imagine what they go through day in and day out to keep our community safe. These days with officers being under immense pressure on a national level, I’m happy to give back, and to say thank you.

The first class was incredible. From laughter to tears, from sharing stories, to not knowing what to expect when you get officers together to paint…the night was a knock on the door to let it out, let loose a bit, let it go, and feel ok to express it.

A huge shout out to Lee Neves, for sponsoring the first class. His dedication to our community and support for Stockton Police Department is undeniably heartfelt. Thank you for jump starting the program, Lee!

How can you help? Click below to give towards their next Art Alchemy class! Thank you “Support Stockton Police Department” organization for giving our officers a creative outlet. Support SPD through art! Thank you! EE xo

Thank you Market Tavern!

For over a year, Market Tavern and Lincoln Center gave me a home to start and grow Art Alchemy. Thanks to Arezou for that phone call… “this is your home…”

Thank you for your endless support for me and for our community in creative expression. Market Tavern and Prime Table have also hosted Art Alchemy for Stockton Police Department! Thank you for supporting our officers.

Much love,

Erin xo

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