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$1,000 $500



$1,000 $500

36″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas
Golden hues (it glows)
Copyright 2018

All the titles of my roses come from a list of words that describe “PEACE” by the World Peace Rose Garden organization.

20% of all sales is donated to Stockton’s “University Park World Peace Rose Garden.”

Life is full of unique paths including its distractions, disruptions, and unknowns. Success is usually not a straight arrow, but in the end if we believe enough…we’ll get there. Do you take the moment and consider which path is best for you? May this rose remind you to take yourself into deeper consideration as choosing the sacred path for yourself, even with all its turns and twists. There is no end game really…it’s the journey along the way and what you learn is what counts. Take a chance…

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Read more about the garden here.

Thank you! EE xo

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