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ROSES For Peace

Peace Is Coming…

Stockton has built its first “International World Peace Rose Garden” at University Park downtown, open now! The rose garden is supported by the Grupe Commercial Company, whose president, Kevin Huber, and wife, Sandy, are passionate about embodying peace within the Stockton community. Partnering with the Huber family, our goal and intention of the rose garden is to bring “peace through non violence” one rose at a time.

The inspiration for my rose paintings comes from the idea of bringing the inside back into focus. Inside ourselves, inside our families, and inside our community are the intentions of capturing what that looks like through a rose. Getting back to what matters is going back into ourselves, back to the center. I painted the deep center of the rose as an invitation to enter that divine space again, to remember what peace feels like. With the idea that inner creates the outer, creating peace within ourselves would them blossom to other parts of our life on a grander scale, such as the effect of a rose blooming. Each rose has its own personality, its own message, and its title comes from a list of words from the International World Peace Rose Garden that describe “peace.” Peace comes in all different shapes and colors, and when all shown together, the roses remind us of the unique beauty and infinite qualities of ourselves and each other.

The rose paintings are for sale, with 20% of proceeds going to help fund the garden, having raised over $9,000 so far. Contact me for purchasing details.

Click here for more information about the project.

Truth by Erin Elizabeth