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EE - Visual Artist, Entrepreneur, Founder of Art Alchemy®

I was never one to follow the traditional path. Born and raised in Stockton, California, I embarked myself on a global journey alone, and I eventually found myself back home to launch my heart as an artist.

With a degree in journalism from Arizona State University, and a background in publicity and non-profit, I said goodbye to the everyday and traveled the world for six years teaching English and Bikram yoga. From Morocco to Thailand, Colombia to Malta, I learned more about the world and myself, learned several languages and gained priceless life experience, both triumphs and failures. Life is my greatest teacher. Primarily a self-taught artist, my mother was my first teacher, being an artist herself. While living in Louisville, Kentucky for two years, I began to take my craft more seriously and was mentored by a locally renowned artist. I also studied drawing at the University of Louisville for a semester.

My expression of color is bright, bold, and abstract, giving viewers the opportunity to receive what their heart sees. My main focus is acrylic painting, using a large variety of colors and textures, and I mix and move the paint on canvas with water from the Pacific Ocean. This unique element transcends my love of the ocean and its mysteriousness to express a language unspoken. I learned and believe that the art itself is the message. My vision and hope for my work is an invitation to enter that divine space again that resides in each of us, and to remember what’s real in the heart. A proud Stocktonian, and founder of Art Alchemy® I’m grateful to represent my community and to share my passion of healing through creative expression.

About Us

I am blessed to work with these Goddesses, who stand in their divine power and truly celebrate it, unapologetically.
Get ready to be inspired.

The Bartender & Spirits Godfather

Arezou Soleimani – Market Tavern & Prime Table

Market Tavern sources the best possible local ingredients to create unique and delicious provisions and provides a warm, friendly atmosphere for any occasion. And then there’s Arezou…the beloved master of anything beverage, and she’ll make you laugh your ass off at the same time. What makes her passionate behind the bar? Pay attention to detail, let passion drive you, take pride in hard work. “Whether you make a mistake or do a phenomenal job, be sincere and own it. The ones who care the most are the ones who are going to succeed in life.” Bottom line: she cares, a lot.

On a side note: Arezou is the goddess responsible for giving Art Alchemy a home in Stockton, offered once a month at Market Tavern. We love her.

The Chef & Sommelier

Lauren Rose

My name is Lauren Rose and I am passionate about all things food and wine. I spend my days working as a private chef, sommelier and cheesemonger in Northern California. I specialize in seasonal Mediterranean faire with my own millennial twist. Having worked in the wine industry for the last five years as an Italian wine importer, sommelier and educator I have learned that wine is subjective. I believe every meal should be celebrated and wine should be approachable. I create dishes and wine parings my way, which isn’t always by the book.

The Yogi

Katie Macrae

My name is Katie and I’m a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa yoga teacher from Manchester, England. My daily practice of yoga, both on and off the mat, has transformed the way I look at life and above all it has taught me to move with love. I believe yoga helps us to strip back to our essence and discover the unique set of talents each of us is born with.

The Drummer & Musical Conduit

Dana Marie

Artist. Soul Rebel. Light Seeker. Musical Conduit.

We are so blessed to be alive, let’s play and enjoy it! My creative passions come to tangible reality thru playing music, particularly drums, into trance and/or meditative states, dancing ecstatically to feel it all, and painting abstractly. I am an advocate of the unapologetic approach to life. It is empowering and I love witnessing people break free from the shackles of the inhibiting ways of living. Owning, realizing, remembering to experience joy in their existence. I am a humble servant of the non-linear ways of Light work, I encourage all who feel called to do the same. I am blessed to be supported and encouraged by empowered Goddesses who I call my tribe.

The Aromatherapist

Robin Baglietto – Founder of BASIC®

BASIC herbal skin care was founded in 2011 with a love for earth elements, ancient healing traditions, and our innate abilities to heal ourselves.

Robin is especially passionate about providing natural healing for everyday needs to women going through pregnancy and postpartum, points in life when connecting with nature, and using safe non-toxic ingredients are of the utmost importance.

She shares her passion for natural healing through her products, basic parties, private consultations, and giving presentations. It is her hope that you find as much healing and happiness using her products, as she finds in making them.

The Qoya Queen & Embodiment Doula

Kaci Florez

After the passing of her husband, Kaci turned to Qoya to help her navigate her grief. Through fully honoring ALL the feelings that have come up in this process, Kaci has awakened to a more alive version of herself. Her wish is to help people honor and experience the fullness of what their lives have to offer in the most authentic and reverent way.

Qoya is designed to help us feel how the body and movement are a portal to remembering the many layers of our being. In the sacred space of a Qoya class we begin to feel our perspective shift from simply going through the motions to instead savoring life and everything in it as sacred.

Qoya – through movement we remember we are Wise, Wild, and Free.

On a side note: It was in Kaci’s backyard in Sacramento on a hot summer day in 2015 where Art Alchemy® was born. We love you Jhonny. #flyfree #flyforever

The Philanthropist

Shelly Wolfe – Founder of “Friends Of Tanzanian Orphans”

My life changed after visiting the East African country of Tanzania in 2005. The visit was arranged through Dorobo Safari, my professor at SJSU with a group of people I did not know in advance. We camped, hiked, visited local villagers & schools, participated in traditional activities and spent the evenings under the stars talking about everything that inspired us. We make lifelong bonds with those who were strangers just weeks before.

From that trip grew the concept of the Olasiti Orphans Center led by local Tanzanian and guide Zenan Gaspar Mwacha. Zenan’s vision was to provide mentorship and support for orphaned children in his community and it has flourished into a permanent center providing a home for those most in need, after-school and early education programs.

Joining the Goddess Tribe requires being open to understanding yourself and being willing to let go – and simply being yourself. I’m a team player, jack-of-all trades, willing-to-do-anything once (or twice!) and believer of the good in everything. Paying it forward ranks among my favorite things to do. See you in Africa!

The Coffee Goddess

Gianna Vicari – Owner of Trail Coffee Roasters

Adventures, good friends and a great cup of coffee is what we’re all about at Trail Coffee Roasters. Since the 1970s when our founder and his buddies discovered the trail up to Jesus Mountain, Nicaragua, he was smitten. What started as a fascination, turned to hobby, developed into a lifestyle. Now we’re roasting beans daily and have a pop-up espresso bar in the heart of downtown Stockton, which is just the beginning of our journey. Follow our trail to learn more about what we have going on at our farm in Nicaragua, events at our roastery, and new beans and drinks we whip up.

Trail Coffee Roasters is the official coffee of our Goddess retreats…hence the “Goddess Fuel” blend was created. Perfection!


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